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Enterprise sustainable development management foundation



| Course Introduction

Zhang Yong, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, pointed out: “The number one company should be the Chief Sustainability Officer. He must fully consider sustainable development when formulating strategies, formulating business development directions, and serving customers. ". Faced with increasingly prominent global issues such as climate change, resource depletion, environmental pollution, and social justice, the traditional business model that companies rely on for development has been severely challenged, and more and more corporate leaders recognize the urgency of sustainable development And the huge development space it brings. The survey shows that among the 250 companies with the highest income in the world and the top 100 companies in 49 countries and regions, respectively, 43% and 39% of the companies have integrated sustainable development into corporate management, and many companies have set up sustainable development. Senior positions.

So, what is sustainable development? What is the business value of sustainable development? How to integrate sustainable development into corporate strategy? How to implement sustainable development strategies in the organization? This course helps you build a sustainable development knowledge and strategy system from the three dimensions of sustainable development foundation, sustainable development value and sustainable development practice, and strengthen your and your organization's ability to meet the challenges of sustainable development in work and study And opportunities to promote the long-term success of the organization and the sustainable development of personal careers.

| Lesson harvest

Through this course, you can learn the following skills:

Ÿ Grasp the basic concepts and applications of sustainable development

Ÿ Understand the importance and challenges of sustainable development

Ÿ Identify sustainable development strategic opportunities in the organization

Ÿ Know how to integrate sustainable development into corporate management and create long-term value for the organization

Ÿ Know how to promote sustainable development projects in the organization

Ÿ Use new knowledge and skills to promote the long-term success of the organization and the sustainable development of the personal career

| Suitable for the crowd

Ÿ In-service professionals in mid-career development

Ÿ Senior undergraduate and graduate students

Ÿ Others who are concerned about sustainable development

| Course Catalog

Opening remarks: The era of change requires sustainable development

Module 1 The foundation of sustainable development

01 Practitioner of corporate sustainable development

02 Basic Concepts of Sustainable Development

03 Why do we need sustainable development

Module 2 Sustainable Business Value

04 The business value of sustainable development

05 Drivers of sustainable development of enterprises

06 Challenges of corporate sustainable development

07 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and corporate strategy

08 Sustainable development business thinking and value creation

Module 3 Sustainable Development Practice

09 How to integrate sustainable development into organizational strategy and implement it

10 Sustainable development methods for SMEs

11 Tools and methods for monitoring, managing and improving sustainability performance

12 Personal Behavior and Sustainable Development


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